Why Archaeology is so Much More Than Digging

Through this website, it is my goal to share with the public many aspects of my project and to to show different facets of archaeology.

TheConversation.com posted an article titled “Why Archaeology is so Much More Than Digging” that provides great context about what archaeologists do on a daily basis and the discipline is more than just putting a hole in the ground. I know I get asked constantly about what is the best thing I have found and honestly, I am okay with not making the latest and greatest discovery. Archaeological material and cultural resources are finite resources, which means we all have the responsibility to ensure that these resources are protected. Besides the trowel, archaeologists and many others utilize many ways of engaging with the past in order to preserve these finite resources. The database established through this project is one way to minimize the impact of archaeological investigations on cultural resources.

Click here to read “Why Archaeology is so Much More Than Digging”.


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Archaeologists, the Public, and Collectors:

Establishing a Regional Database of Archaeological Sites on Private Land and Collections with a Process for Professional-Public Archaeological Research in the Portland Area

Expanding our shared understanding of the Portland area’s archaeological and historical record while working together to preserve local heritage.

This website is for thesis research being conducted through Portland State University Department of Anthropology by Katie Tipton.